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Please your every plan,
event, or budget.

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How It Works

We have created a wardrobe in the cloud to please your every plan, event, or budget.

We want to change the way you think about fashion, by becoming a member you get access to a rotating wardrobe.

You can become a subscriber or simply rent on the go, either way we want you to enjoy an unlimited wardrobe on rotation. We want to make it easy, scroll, select and we’ll ship it to you, cleaned and steamed. Sounds easy right?

Rent dresses at a fraction of their cost, wear them, dazzle, return them and repeat for the next event.

You have a wedding, a christening or simply a glamorous party coming up? Rent the dress you want, for a fraction of the price, impress your friends and after your event return it and free up your wardrobe space

You can forget all about the dry cleaning bills, we’ll take care of that, dresses will arrive at your door, steamed, cleaned and pressed so you don’t have to worry about all of that.

We have two subscription plans to choose from below but we really want to cater to your needs, if you only want to rent once, we have dresses available for those times as well. Its your choice, completely up to you! No commitments, you can pause or cancel any time.

Rent the Cut is going to be your new favorite website.

Our FAQs give you more information on how our plans work.

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