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1. Can I keep the garment bag my order came in?

Unfortunately, no. We need your garment bag back to power other customers' rentals. If your garment bags are not returned with your order or before you cancel your membership, you will be charged EUR10 for each bag.

Clothes should be returned with the hangers and with or without plastic dry cleaning bags. If you hung onto them, send them back and we'll recycle them!

2. When will my order arrive?

Your delivery date will be confirmed before checkout. Check your email for confirmation your order has shipped and to locate your tracking information. For next day delivery you must finish your order before 12pm the day before

3. When will my card be charged?

You're charged at the time you make your reservation or confirm your order for your membership.
For members, your card on file will be charged monthly on your bill date for your membership fee. You will also be charged for any extra spots you choose to add to your plan.

In some cases where you choose not to pay the rental coverage fee we may put a hole on your card, you will not be charged unless the garment is returned damaged.

4. What do I do with the hangers and plastic that come with my shipments?

Clothing should be returned with the hangers and with or without the plastic coverings. However, we do recycle the plastic covers! So please send them back to cut down on waste and help us make fashion more sustainable for our planet.

5. What if I am having trouble with a zipper?

If you are having trouble with the zipper on your item, please contact us.

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