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1. How are garments cleaned, including to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19?

All our garments, accessories, hangers, and reusable packaging are meticulously cleaned each time they are returned to us.

Our cleaning agents and practices are designed to kill viruses such as the common cold and flu. Based on current guidance, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19.

The teams in our fulfillment centers use a variety of techniques to ensure that each garment is thoroughly cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and carefully packaged so that it arrives ready to wear. All garments go through a wet or dry cleaning process.

[Any additional steaming processes TBD with cleaners]

Every garment is then enclosed in plastic for protection and cleanliness, which we ask customers to return for recycling.

2. How do we clean our garments?

All of our rentals receive a thorough clean—every time. Some might call it an obsession with clean, and we're OK with that! We're dedicated to ensuring that every garment looks and feels like new—every time you rent.
Our responsible cleaning processes, focused on both wet- and dry- cleaning, use TBD

[To check with dry cleaners about biodegradable process, zeolites, allergens, Perchloroethylene, halogenated slvents etc.]

After going through our cleaning partners rigorous cleaning processes, garments are immediately sealed in plastic to protect them from any additional handling.

3. Can I keep or purchase the clothing?

Styles shown on site may be available to purchase two ways: by buying without renting first or by renting with a membership and purchasing once the item is delivered to your home, some items are not available for purchase.

Clearance will allow customers to purchase items not otherwise available for rent.

4. Am I able to wash or dry clean my items?

We would encourage you to read the instructions about cleaning garments that will come with your reusable bag. However, no need to clean your items on your own before you wear them—we take care of that for you! Our proprietary cleaning operation is the heart and soul of our business—and we take it very seriously. Our dedicated associates are true masters of their craft, ensuring that all our pieces stay in excellent condition.

If you want to wear the garment and would like to clean it yourself and aren’t sure how to do it, please do reach out!

5. Will the clothes need to be pressed upon arrival?

We do our best to ensure your garments arrive wrinkle-free. Each item is steamed and pressed before being sealed in protective plastic and placed in a garment bag. If you receive clothing with slight creases, please reach out to us for advice.

6. Why do some items show a varying rental price?

6. Why do some items show a varying rental price?
Some of our rentals and prices vary based on retail value and availability. We recommend searching by your desired rental date to see the styles ready for you to reserve.
For members, your plan includes three spots for items. If your bag is showing a price owed, check to see if you have accidentally added a one-off rental to your bag or if you've added extra garments that are not included in your subscription.

7. Am I able to tailor any of the items?

We do not allow any alterations. Feel free to use fashion tape to temporarily tailor your look. Please remember to remove them before sending your rental back.

8. What if I accidentally stain or damage the clothes?

8. What if I accidentally stain or damage the clothes?
We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. Rental coverage is included with our memberships and with any one-off rental we include a rental coverage fee to cover minor stains and damage. However, significant damage, loss of the item, and theft aren't covered under the wear and tear fees. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, you may be responsible for the full retail price of the item. See our terms and Conditions for more information.

9. What type of clothing do you carry?

We carry clothing for women for every occasion and stage in her life. Our clothing ranges from S to XL. We aim to also add maternity styles and more sizes as we grow.

10. What condition are the items in?

Our dry cleaning partners are at the forefront of innovation team experimenting with cleaning programs and methods to improve cleaning efficacy and increase garment longevity. They work to make sure you look fabulous and to keep garments in rotation as long as possible.

Excellent condition means that minor imperfections may be present, but those minor imperfections won’t impact the overall look. Please do let us know if you are unhappy with a garment and we will do our best to rectify that.

All items are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and restored each time it is sent out.

11. What is the Rent the Cut garment bag? Why do you use it?

Fashion is a big contributor to GHG emissions and the climate crisis. We try to be as sustainable as possible in all facets of our business. Sustainability underlines our values, purpose, and the idea behind Rent the Cut. We wanted to find a less wasteful way to package clothing and converted three pieces of packaging (plastic mailing bags, cardboard boxes, and vinyl garment bags) into just one: our patented reusable garment bags.

We are still a work in progress and would love feedback, we want our garment bag to be iconic, reusable, and protective.
Our garment bags are reusable, and protect your rentals from the elements, so they arrive in clean, pristine condition. All garment bags are thoroughly cleaned after every use.

12. Why do you use plastic to cover the clothes?

We use poly plastic covers to protect the garments in our shared closet. As soon as garments are cleaned and pressed, they are sealed in plastic to keep them clean and protect them from any elements, including human touch, that they may encounter on their journey to the next customer. Plastic sealing also helps preserve the quality and life-span of a garment, bolstering the sharing economy and ultimately leading to less clothing waste.

We ask all our customers to return their plastic coverings and hangers when they return their rentals in our reusable garment bags so they can be recycled and reused.
Our recycling partner (TBD) will transform our plastic poly bags into other amazing ways to reuse and extend the life of plastic.

Don't forget to send your hangers back with your shipment—Rent the Cut cleans and reuses those, too!

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