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Welcome to Rent the Cut!

There are two of us behind Rent the Cut.

One of us a fashion guru and the other passionate about sustainability so you see Rent the Cut is an amalgamation of our passions, problems we faced and the solution we found. It was born out of our desires to do what we love and help the planet one outfit at a time.

But RTC is more than that; it’s a solution to two of our problems we faced everytime we were invited to an event.

The first being our wallet, we spend way too much on dresses we only wear once at a wedding or a christening, too extravagant to wear again. What a waste of money (and wardrobe space!)

The second is climate change. We never really paid much attention to the damage brought on by fashion until we started looking into it (you can too, just head over to our FAQs).

And so we decided to do something about it; bring a rental fashion company to Cyprus. RTC rents out clothes so we could still wear our extravagant dresses as and when we liked but without the damage brought on to our wallets or the planet.

The idea was born in New York where fashion resides and we were able to actually try and test rental fashion and safe to say it was a win!

We want to bring the concept to Cyprus; we love our little island but are not always proud of the progress made on environmental issues.

By renting dresses you help cut down emissions, you get access, you save wardrobe space, you save money, you save time..we could go on but we’ll stop right here.

We are truly passionate about making fashion sustainable, convenient and accessible.

Like us, our friends are as passionate about combining fashion and sustainability and were lucky to find the support in them and refined the idea of RTC. However, we’ll never stop building, we want to build a community of women who are as passionate about is as us so we sincerely ask for your feedback.

Scroll, pick, rent, repeat and don’t forget to let us know how you feel about RTC! Enjoy!

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